Stephen Scheel

Lakewood Washington


About me

Stephen Scheel in a PorcheI am always looking for opportunities to not only better myself; but to better the lives of people within my surrounding and possibly mankind (never think too big). Helping out others ultimately helps yourself. I have always worked some aspect of the IT and telecommunications field. I started tinkering as a kid and a hobby later found itself to be a passion. I pursued that passion and in 2000, joined the US Army. I did 4 years working with telecommunications and IT. I received my Associates in Business Administration and then I started my certification path. In 2006 I did tech support for Dell computers. Since then, helpdesk for Microsoft and soon found myself in the healthcare and security realm. My passion in IT has always been security and now I am part of the Cyber Defense Council for the Washington National Guard.

Key Areas of Specialty:

  1. IT System Administration - almost every company needs IT. It needs somone to oversee the systems. This is my passion.
  2. Security - Ensuring Confidentiality and Integrity of your data while still keeping it accessible.
  3. Healthcare - Ensuring that your data systems conform to HIPAA and other healthcare standards.
  4. Training - Technical training requires that information be broken down to a level that anyone can understand. IT may be complicated but I make it easy to understand and fun to learn.
  5. Customer Service - making sure that customers get satisfaction from their IT experience.